Windows Phone 7 aims to shut down Android March 27th, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series

That's right, Windows Mobile is getting re-branded. Get use to the name, as arbitrary as it sounds. It took me a while to realize that WP7S meant Windows Mobile 7... oh well, that's just one more acronym to store my database (brain).

But really, Microsoft is making a bold move by rebranding Windows Mobile 7 to Windows Phone 7 Series. Here's the truth behind why they did it. Some will say that it's because they just want a fresh look to compete with the iPhone and Android. While that is partly to blame for the change of name, it's not the only thing. The truth is that Windows Mobile is garbage. And don't take my critique for anything negative against Microsoft as a company; but Windows Mobile, the entire series, was crap. Microsoft was simply one of the first players in the smartphone and pocket pc market, so that's how they got so big.

Windows Phone 7 Series should surprise us. Personally, as a consumer, I hope to throw my WM6 phone out my car while driving 90mph on the freeway when Windows Phone 7 is released.

Microsoft knows how important it is to retain their mobile market share in an increasingly mobile world. Read more about the new Windows Phone at Microsoft's site or any Windows Phone 7 blog.

[FIX] 2016 SMS Bug January 16th, 2010

When the strike turned midnight on January 1, 2010, you weren't the only one going crazy. Almost every HTC phone went berserk and changed it's own internal clock to 2016 instead of 2010.

Get the bug fixes here:

HTC Touch Pro 2
HTC Touch Pro
HTC Touch Diamond

Thanks WM for the links.

HTC HD2 – A Closer Look December 25th, 2009

Send Text Messages to Groups with SMS 3.0 December 21st, 2009

SMS 3.0 Screenshot

SMS 3.0 Screenshot

Ah, finally a good piece of freeware that can send group text messages! The reason I'm excited is because SMS 3.0 simply works well. You can create a comma delimited list of your cell phone numbers, then upload that as your contacts source. Once loaded, simply write your message and send it out. You can do it all from the freeware application for Windows Mobile 6, SMS 3.0.

Take SPB’s Software Survey – Win a Mobile Phone! November 22nd, 2009

SPB Survey Windows Mobile

SPB is one of the leading Windows Mobile software developers in the world. They make some of the most demanded software utilities for WM6. Like SPB Mobile Shell 3.0, which is so useful that major phone carriers like Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, O2, Glofiish, and Pharos ship their devices natively with SPB's software preinstalled.

Long story short, SPB wants your feedback on their software, and they are giving prizes away just for participating.

Take the survey before 4th of December 2009, to get into the drawing for the following prizes:
Grand prize — a mobile device of winner's choice + $100 worth of SPB Software.
Prize #1 — $100 worth of smartphone accessories of winner's choice from Smartphone Experts + a $100 worth of our software.
Prize #2 — $100 worth of SPB's soft.

Results and list of winners of SPB Survey 2009 will be available at by December 17th, 2009.

SPB Survey