WinDbg – A Smart Debugging Tool for Windows

WinDbg can be used to debug Windows kernel and also the user mode code. It can also be used to examine the CPU registers as the code executes and also to analyze crash dumps.

All of the commands work well, and it is a simple to use tool which is easy to understand. It offers a fast connection setup and recall. You can recall previous session configuration information. It also has a secure feedback channel. The dump file processor detection is another tool which you may find useful because it auto-detects processor architecture for easier managed debugging.

Performance improvements are also some features you should know about this tool. When you run another command, this tool stops the loading of your locals, watch or other windows. The disassembly window is improved, and the highlight of the current instructions remain where they are when you scroll. It also offers some memory window improvements, locals and watches data model visualization.

The command window provides easy access to toggle DML.

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