GPS Cycle Computer
Category: GPS & Navigation
Description: Yet Another GPS Tracker? - yes, but: - this is a nice one - thanks to excellent design by expo7! And you can set your custom background and button images; - can select GPS run interval: from \"always on\" to \"run every 10 min\" - this is useful if you want to reduce battery power usage; - has usual cycle computer display: time, distance, speed (current, average, max) plus a graph of your track. The tool logs GPS data into a binary file (so a lot of data can be stored in a compact form), which can be loaded back for viewing, or saved into .kml / .gpx file to view in e.g. GoogleEarth. With the latest version of GoogleMaps, you can view KML files on your phone. Just click on a kml file in file explorer. Note there is a bug in the latest GoogleMaps installation, so KML files does not work - read the manual how to fix this.
Price: Freeware
Reviews: 38
Angry Birds
Category: Games
Description: The famous Angry Birds game for Windows Mobile 6 phones. Angry Birds is a game available for almost all devices and it is now available on Windows Phone 7 which offers the players an exciting game play. The main objective of the player is to seek revenge against a group of evil green pigs that stole the bird’s eggs. Destroy the pigs and their buildings in order to move on to the next level. It features the best graphics and cool levels that hooked the players for hours. As the players progresses every level, new birds and hidden golden eggs awaits the players. Angry Birds is the best game nowadays which brings entertainment to all the players. Play now and have fun!
Price: Freeware
Reviews: 44

Category: Utilities
Description: The PIM backup application is a tool that allows to backup/restore personal information stored on windows mobile based pocket devices. Concerning the personal information, I refer to contacts, appointments, tasks, messages, and calls.
Price: Freeware
Download: Download PimBackup
Reviews: 498
Category: Games
Description: The game is freely inspired by opensudoku-android. Numbers can be filled in by clicking on the board and selecting the required number, or you can choose a number and then place it on the board (Popup and Single Number input mode). Users can change the application skin (colors, elements size, etc).

Display resolution independent – successfully tested on Omnia and HTC TyTN 2 (touchscreen required).

    Installation instructions:
  1. Download the game.
  2. Decompress (unzip) it to your computer.
  3. (You can change application settings in unzipped config.xml file)
  4. Copy all the files to your mobile device.
  5. Run ClosedSudoku.exe from your device.
Price: Freeware
Reviews: 400
Category: Communication
Description: BeejiveIM for Windows Mobile 6 Professional & Standard Edition is in permanent beta. We will not be releasing a production version of Beejive IM for Windows Mobile 6 and offer the software as is.

Works with AIM, iChat, MobileMe, MSN Windows Live, Yahoo!, MySpace, GoogleTalk, ICQ, & Jabber.
Price: Freeware
Download: Download Beejive
Reviews: 47
ShortCAD Lite
Category: Utilities
Description: ShortCAD is software for Pocket PC that reveals the simplicity of well known CAD products just onto the palm of your hand! ShortCAD brings basic concepts of drawing creation to your Windows Mobile system.

With ShortCAD you can create and edit 2D vector-graphic drawings and templates just as you do in well known CAD applications.
Price: Freeware
Reviews: 452
Category: Utilities
  • use your location to find out nearby places
  • see your friends latest check-ins
  • view tips of places
  • share your experience with others
  • explore foursquare and earn points and badges
  • use even gps or network fix
  • integrated with google maps
Price: Freeware
Download: Download MySquare
Reviews: 120
Music Trainer
Category: Games
Description: Music Trainer is an exciting game wherein at the same time, you can be trained by Music Notes. It is so perfect for all musicians or music lovers specially for those who are learning Piano and other Instruments that is capable of reading music notes. It is exciting because of different levels you will encounter.

- Windows Mobile device
- .NET Compact Framework 2.0 or 3 INSTALLED

There are Ten Level Challenges you will encounter With Top Scores Recorded so you may challenge your musician friends and enjoy!

You may Enjoy the "Full Game" Levels and Features when you purchase the Full Version of the Game With Sharp Keys so you may be fully trained in reading notes.

This game is designed specially for musicians such as piano players, violinist, and other musical instruments that reads notes.

There is a Piano Keyboard for Pianists and Just Letter buttons for others who dont play piano. We are thinking widely about this unique kind of game and we are still planning to develop more that has more features and functions. Helping us grow can help us develop more in the future.
Price: $6.00
Reviews: 116
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